Treat Yo Self to Self Love

Strep Throat has found our address. I planned to offer a longer thought today and the plans have changed. I am finding that being home with sick kids slows time in a really welcomed way actually. This too shall pass ;) While one nugget naps and the other snuggles on the couch, here are a few fleeting thoughts as we arrive at Valentine's Day. 

Though it's been in the back of my mind and I've been cooking up simple take-it-to-school projects for the kiddos, I haven't come up with what I want to give. The thought occurred to me the other day, while washing dishes, that I really am getting what I'm focusing on. The law of attraction seems to be working! Now to direct my focus... When does a marriage or friendship deteriorate? When we are focusing our attention elsewhere, sometimes all around the perimeter of it, sometimes on what we wish we had/don't have. When does a child's behavior improve? When we focus on the improvements. When does self love grow? When we focus inwardly on those things that are loveable.  

I was listening to Oprah talk to David Brooks, on Super Soul Sunday and she said gift-giving is a love of hers and that it's so easy to give people gifts if you will listen to them- that they'll tell you what they want in snips and snatches every day. Oprah has certainly made a name for herself as a gift-giver, so it bears considering. When I was doing the dishes, I had the thought that I have no idea what I'd tell anyone to get me. What on earth could the thoughtful people in my life have heard me ask for? I got a taste of this the year my husband took my kids Christmas shopping and they each picked out storage baskets for me. Self Love is a muscle like so many other things, it gets stronger with practice and weakens with neglect. If storage baskets don't speak love to me, it's up to me to tune in the right frequency.  If I want people to pick up what I'm putting down, I'd better take the time to know what that is!  SInce the dishes, I have been doing a little experiment and I discovered that I'm way more inspired to give to others when I have first taken the time to think up what gifts I'd give myself. I even made a list! Does that seem terribly selfish? Self-centered? I believe Self Love requires we make peace with this, and in a new way. If we understand that self-centered is the only lens we know, then we relieve ourselves of it being "bad" and then it's OK to operate from the center of Self. At the center of Self, I find that I really love connecting with the people in my life and showing them the love I feel for them. And I have such a wider vocabulary with which to communicate when I focus first on Self Love.  

As nap time comes to a close at our house, I leave you with this awesome clip from one of my favorite shows: