Working, and hard


I went on a trip to Europe with my family this summer, the first time I'd been in nine years. My son is now eight and my daughter five and we decided, with naps behind us, we were all ready. It all came together around getting to be with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew, who live there, in their favorite holiday spot. It was magical, and a trip I will think of fondly on long, cold nights in the midwest. 

We were away for two weeks, and I decided to set down Curious Ground during that time. Since designing this business last year I haven't set it down for one day. I said so often throughout the year that the whole thing felt very much like giving birth, so it's funny that when it was time to set down this work I experienced it sort of like when I left my son with a sitter for the first time. I felt so much anxiety about the right way to walk away, so afraid that I'd lose all the progress I'd made, and not really sure what I'd do when I wasn't working. A dear friend suggested that I create a ceremony around letting go of Curious Ground for a time. In talking about it, what came to me was burying it in the backyard. I dug a little spot and buried a fortune cookie fortune that read, "your present plans are going to succeed", along with a piece of quartz and a garden marker. I even watered it.  When in doubt, create magic. Really, what suspends belief like magic?

My perspective always shifts with travel, and on this first adventure with the kids I have come home changed again. I think my next post will be about what I learned about my expectations while vacationing with my husband and kids. I also noticed that I was really ready for some rest after working so hard this year. Perhaps another post will be all about the culture of work here and how different it is in Europe (and the knee-buckling peaches...) I'm now reinvigorated after some time to let the mind wander and am ready to pick up Curious Ground again! You're invited on the journey of getting out of our own way by expressing our creativity.